Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holy Macaroni

Is this real that I haven't posted since last month? oops, sorry!  But for real i've actually been busy trying to be a good student and failing miserably...pun intended (yes i have failed one or two tests in the past week) i'm not perfect. I don't even wanna bore you guys just by talking about everything i have done in the past week or so SO i figured pictures is the best way.

OH yeah the picture from last post-->thaaat was for a couple reasons a. we just finished up with an amazing photoshoot for Parilexx which you guys should go check out here ITS PRETTY KEWL

i was tired
b. i got a promotion at the rec to BC aka building coordinator which is mostly why i ate all that food. Celebrating with food>celebrating with alcohol

went to the isu football game where we got slaughtered...awesome.

who's curly?
Kathryn's creation
so that was last saturday and now its thursday and i'm sitting at home home typing this up then going to get some shut up before buckets (my mom) wakes me up at 5 to go workout then drive to tennessee for my aunts wedding.  

here's a little game to end with:
where's jessica?
yes, her name is jessica and she will be joining me in my travels
I have a friend and her name is sara, we use to have a barbie doll that we would bring everywhere in high school and pretend like she was real.  this is not a joke this actually happened.  the boys went to state soccer so we brought her with to cheer on our team and she was beaten to death with several limbs torn off of her body.  a replacement has not been found until now....well atleast a temporary replacement.  welcome back jessica


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