Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day


My turkey break has been filled with watching lots and lots of crime shows like CSI Miami, CSI New York, and Criminal Minds. I think I should switch majors, I could solve any murder. I only leave the couch to eat and run...rough life. For Thanksgiving my family doesn't do much other than make a big meal because we have 0 relatives that live close to us.  One family lives in Tennessee and the other in California...not really easy drives.

I wanted to find a turkey trot to run in but Cedar Rapids decides to do theirs on the 12th of November....UHHH that's not Thanksgiving.

Another thing i've been doing during break is shopping, liiike a lot. One thing I do hate about thanksgiving break is everything my mom gets for me she says "ok now this is a christmas present" I pretty much know everything I will be getting for xmas. If anyone would like to get me anything I would like a new road bike as well as a snowboard liiike this one:
I know you people want to spend $350 on me
Really though...I want it.

I guess I will go run before consuming 10,000 calories for thanksgiving lupper (lunch/supper). & if anyone can guess what I made I will buy you the snowboard. NOM

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Helllo everyone!

I know it's been forever since I have posted and it probably isn't even worth it to try and update everyone on everything. School has been taking over my life to say the least. Basically I'm on break now and back home in Cedar Rapids doing absolutely nothing but running.

I guess one thing that I've done is I went to Charlotte, NC for Nationals for Running Club. The boys got 2nd and the girls got 10th. I didn't run to well a.) i barely trained b.) my shoe fell off. There's always next year...

Melanie, Jill, & me
da boyz
So basically now I'm starting to train for a half marathon in January in St. Louis. I know this was a pretty fast recap but I'll start posting a lot more throughout the week!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holy Macaroni

Is this real that I haven't posted since last month? oops, sorry!  But for real i've actually been busy trying to be a good student and failing miserably...pun intended (yes i have failed one or two tests in the past week) i'm not perfect. I don't even wanna bore you guys just by talking about everything i have done in the past week or so SO i figured pictures is the best way.

OH yeah the picture from last post-->thaaat was for a couple reasons a. we just finished up with an amazing photoshoot for Parilexx which you guys should go check out here ITS PRETTY KEWL

i was tired
b. i got a promotion at the rec to BC aka building coordinator which is mostly why i ate all that food. Celebrating with food>celebrating with alcohol

went to the isu football game where we got slaughtered...awesome.

who's curly?
Kathryn's creation
so that was last saturday and now its thursday and i'm sitting at home home typing this up then going to get some shut up before buckets (my mom) wakes me up at 5 to go workout then drive to tennessee for my aunts wedding.  

here's a little game to end with:
where's jessica?
yes, her name is jessica and she will be joining me in my travels
I have a friend and her name is sara, we use to have a barbie doll that we would bring everywhere in high school and pretend like she was real.  this is not a joke this actually happened.  the boys went to state soccer so we brought her with to cheer on our team and she was beaten to death with several limbs torn off of her body.  a replacement has not been found until now....well atleast a temporary replacement.  welcome back jessica


Thursday, September 29, 2011

busy bee

Sorry i've been slacking on posting, i'll post tomorrow but i will leave you with this.

A little blurry but there is a reason why all of this was consumed tonight...find out tomorrow


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sick Forever

This morning I woke up around 7 and made some coffee then climbed right back into bed and just laid there watching tv until 10ish. YES i am still sick and thought I could get better by just laying in bed. I finally climbed out of bed for some classic sick food...chicken noodle soup with all of the chicken taken out because meat and noodles is gross.

If this meal doesn't cure me i don't know what will. maybe a tub of ice cream..

So on tuesdays I don't have class until 3, which is nice but what stinkerz is its a lab and we have a mini-test everytime we have class.  so every tuesday i spend the majority of the day studying but today that hasn't happened. i've been sitting here trying to do everything but study.  PLUS i feel like my head is so congested that it can't take in any knowledge.

oh and as an extra bonus we start dissecting cats today, which is fine because i don't like cats. i just feel like the smell is going to be killer and with being sick and all it just wont be fun.

on the positive side though i'm going to try and make it to spin at 630 with my friend meghan who i went for the 13.5 mile run with! lets just hope i can breathe...

have a great rest of the day!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Mish Mash Sick Smash

No workout

How was everyone's monday? Poopy like mine?  So i had the rough draft a paper due in english today and of course i chose to start it last night. 1/4 of the way through the paper my nose started running and my head hurt. oh cool just sick again. i think i get sick atleast twice a month and i don't know how to get better. so today was a skipping class kind of day.

Anyways, Kat got this neat little headband sort of thing in the mail the other day called a mad dana versa band? uhhh WTF. i guess there are 10 different ways to wear it buuut we only tried a few and none of them really worked out

honestly i dont know
 and yes she has climbed the great wall....maybe

so today after i skipped class i came home and literally climbed into bed while the best movie of all time (50 first dates) played atleast 3 times. & i was deathly ill without apple juice and couldn't move soo luckily one of my friends brought me some apple juice AND we made some fajitas which were sooo good.

yes this will all be gone by bedtime
One thing that you guys should know about me is i do watch 50 first dates every night before i go to bed.  that movie just never gets old!

Well hopefully i'll be all better tomorrow and can actually run! Have a great monday night!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's the Best Day Everrr

Workout: 13.5 miles

I've been busy busy the past few days which explains why my blogging has been lacking BUT i have lots to update and it's pretty much all about today.  OH and the anatomy test i was studying for i still didn't do amazing on but don't worry another one opens up again on friday.

TODAY though i set my mind on driving to Gray's Lake in Des Moines and i did.

I went with Meghan one of my good friends and told her we were going to run between 12 and 14 ANNDDD we did just that. A solid 13.5 miles with a little walking to talk because i guess we couldn't talk while running.

It was seriously one of the prettiest places i have ever ran, other than the San Diego Marathon of course. I was so excited to run there I probably could have ran forever. There's a nice loop that's about 1.75 miles which we did twice, then we went off on another trail into the woods.

We finished up around 1ish then had to have a little photoshoot. If you want to hire either of us as models feel free to contact me, our schedules are pretty open.


So the loop has this super long bridge, honestly like 1/4 of a mile and at night it lights up and is SUPER cool...night run anyone?

i spy with my little eye a bridge

After running i had the best idea ever and that was to go to trader joes. It was my first time going to the trader joes in des moines and i fell in LOVE. more in love than i am with puppies and lululemon maybe. i wish i could have bought the whole store to eat but i did pick up a couple of thangs.  Post trader joes i came home and sat around and decided i wasn't going to go out and just bake.  So i baked up some things from the book Carrots n' Cake by Tina Haupert which is a must read by the way.  I whipped up some Pumpkin Muffins which are pictures below and some Pre-Workout Cookies which aren't pictured because they're in the oven baking to perfection.

Think of them with butter melting over them
Once they're done i'm hitting the hay.  The 13.5 did me in and i'm deadskis.

What was/is everyone's long run this weekend?

Have a great Saturday night!!