Friday, September 16, 2011

First Post

I'm really excited to start blogging, i've been reading blogs forevaaaa and thought i would take a shot at it to see if i life it. and guess what? so far its been pretty fun basically talking to myself since i have 0 followers.  ignore any grammar errors or major is exercise science and im horrible at english. if you follow me you should follow my super cool friend katmetten-->she's training for her first half marathon and could use all the support she can get!

Anyone else running the Des Moines, IA half or full? Yesterday my new pair of nikes came in and i would like someone to tell me they aren't the coolest shoes they have ever seen....because they are.  Not to mention they are super comfy. I'm already ready to place another order from nike. Alsooo I have been major slacking on running lately woopsies

cute right?

I had a busy day today though with consisted of class from 8-12, tried to take my anatomy test but the computers were down, then had to work for an hour.  I could have ran but i was one of those lazy days...boooo.  So i've been attempting to study anatomy all day/night but i just can't do it.  Basically we get 4 attempts for our test so i just keep putting off taking it.

I know you like my self timer pics, many more to come
I did decide to be a good student and stay in and study.....

....OR watch ISU play UCONN on espn2.....i will only study once it is over and the cyclones win. have a great friday everyone!!

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