Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's the Best Day Everrr

Workout: 13.5 miles

I've been busy busy the past few days which explains why my blogging has been lacking BUT i have lots to update and it's pretty much all about today.  OH and the anatomy test i was studying for i still didn't do amazing on but don't worry another one opens up again on friday.

TODAY though i set my mind on driving to Gray's Lake in Des Moines and i did.

I went with Meghan one of my good friends and told her we were going to run between 12 and 14 ANNDDD we did just that. A solid 13.5 miles with a little walking to talk because i guess we couldn't talk while running.

It was seriously one of the prettiest places i have ever ran, other than the San Diego Marathon of course. I was so excited to run there I probably could have ran forever. There's a nice loop that's about 1.75 miles which we did twice, then we went off on another trail into the woods.

We finished up around 1ish then had to have a little photoshoot. If you want to hire either of us as models feel free to contact me, our schedules are pretty open.


So the loop has this super long bridge, honestly like 1/4 of a mile and at night it lights up and is SUPER cool...night run anyone?

i spy with my little eye a bridge

After running i had the best idea ever and that was to go to trader joes. It was my first time going to the trader joes in des moines and i fell in LOVE. more in love than i am with puppies and lululemon maybe. i wish i could have bought the whole store to eat but i did pick up a couple of thangs.  Post trader joes i came home and sat around and decided i wasn't going to go out and just bake.  So i baked up some things from the book Carrots n' Cake by Tina Haupert which is a must read by the way.  I whipped up some Pumpkin Muffins which are pictures below and some Pre-Workout Cookies which aren't pictured because they're in the oven baking to perfection.

Think of them with butter melting over them
Once they're done i'm hitting the hay.  The 13.5 did me in and i'm deadskis.

What was/is everyone's long run this weekend?

Have a great Saturday night!!

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