Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Live or Die

Workout: 5 mile run, 45 min spin class, lift

So Monday I took the day off from working out which was probably a good idea because I about killed myself today.  I had the bright idea of running 5 miles right before I went to my first spin class ever. And my butt and legs already hurt. Then I decided to go do lunges and lift every part of my body after that. I'm so smart.  Alsooo, I'm still studying for my anatomy test which we can take 4 times and no one wants to know what I got my first two tries. Take 100 and divide it by 2, then its + or - 5 either way. Again...I'm so smart. So after my little/big workout I made the trek/drive over to the library to get my study on.  Which ended up being a fail for a couple reasons. 1 i ate for the first 45 minutes i was there 2 we sat by a really creepy guy who would not stop talking to us 3 the library gave me hypothermia and I could not study
I felt like I was here....with a swimsuit on

Because of those reasons I left the library early and barely accomplished anything. I don't know why I don't just quit school now and move to california where the weather doesn't fluctuate so much.  Or maybe move to Alaska where I could spend 30 days in the dark and get eaten by vampires? Atleast then I would know it will be freezing and get to drink warm milk everyday.

OMG but the spin class was so good. It was tiring, especially since I ran right before it which was a terrible idea but I'm definitely going back on Thursday.  Also, I feel like I could potentially get a really nice butt and legs from cycling? Couldn't hurt I guess. And another plus was I loved the guys music and he was crazy and yelling the whole time....I would date him.

Sorry this post is so short, I've decided I should not procrastinate and study a little. Hopefully I ace the test so I can post a super long post tomorrow about how happy I am that I got an A.

Tuesdays stink. Friday come now.


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