Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saving lives all day everyday

Workout: Elliptical 20 min. Bike 20 min. and a little bit of some weights

Today felt more like a weekday than a Sunday. No relaxing what so ever. Got up to workout kind of late (9:45ish) and yet I was still tired all day.  Maybe I got too much sleep? My plan today was to study some anatomy most of the day buut yet again that didn't workout.

I'm a lifeguard at the rec at Iowa State and had to work today from 1:50-5 then came home and stuffed my face with some food and about 20 scoops of monster cookie ice cream. I bought a whole tub of it last night because me and a couple girlfriends had a movie night and watched Something Borrowed. The ice cream was beyond delicious and probably shouldn't have ate it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and today that was eat a bunch of ice cream for me...the tub is almost gone...OOPS

I probably should have dried off a little more...
After twerk I got to go back to the pool for inservice training which was SUPER fun...joking...kinda. We swam 500 yards (20 laps for you non swimmers) which I thought would be a lot harder than it actually was. It was nice to get an extra little workout in. Then we got to tread water for 10 minutes and just practice some lifeguarding thangs. The best part is we got to go off the high platform board.  I didn't think it would be that scary then I got up there and about pooped my pants. No worries I jumped and had the biggest adrenaline rush after.

I also had some coffee before my swim which definitely had to help out a little and now I will probably be up all nighta. Maybe I'll study maybe I won't. Hope you had a great Sunday!  Anyone else going to try and wake up early tomorrow for a work out?

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